Introducing a couple of local legends Brendan & Claire en-route the 'SALTYLAP' via their 78 Series Troopy.

Showcasing the best of our own backyard they are doing the country proud with the unbelievable photography & videography they are putting together of this great land. From the beautiful bluest beaches to the star wars like sand dunes their content is nothing short of amazing and we just had to reach out.
We asked the Torquay couple a bit about the time of their lives.


ZB: What was the moment that inspired you to begin saltylap?
SL: When researching for our big lap, we started following so many other Australia travel pages to get advice/recommendations/inspiration etc., like a lot of other people too I suppose. Brendan was not keen to start a page, but Claire already loved to take photos and it seemed like a cool idea to create almost like a timeline through Instagram and also somewhere to show the collection of photos and videos we shot. We never thought we be able to inspire others and collab with such awesome brands from it, so its been fun.

ZB: What is something on your bucket list that you haven’t ticked off yet?
SL: Claire's bucket list: Would love to arctic surf one day 
Brendan's bucket list: Getting shacked on the west coast and spearing a tuna or a big Spanish mackerel

ZB: What’s your dream travel destination and why?
SL: We both agree that one spot doesn’t tick all our boxes, experiencing different places is the real dream. Side note from Brendan: Space 

ZB: Who are your style icons?
SL: Claire: gotta say, skatemoss is iconic 
Brendan: Torryn Martin (re surf style icon)

ZB: What's on the horizon for you guys/what’s next?
SL: We barely know what we are doing tomorrow. But we’re off to Bali in August, then have about 10 more months on the road in our Troopy, and after that, well we’re not really sure. Reality is going to be hard to face after living on the road for 2 years.  

ZB: If you could go to dinner with 3 people past/present who would it be?
SL: Lewis Hamilton 
Michael Jordan 
Elon Musk 



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