We have been craving some big inspo lately here at Zeally Bay....Then from the heavens dropped a vibrant individual we just had to work with! This month we've teamed up with Ella Tubman Films.

Based out of Gold Coast, Queensland Ella is an Australian artist, videographer, editor and photographer full of creativity and imagination. 

Feeling inspired by her portfolio we hit Ella up to shoot our latest campaign & she delivered top shelf where your mother never dusts.

We asked Ella a few sneaky Who, What & How's 

Z: Was this career path always the dream? Or did it just come about ? 
ET: Always the dream! Still is a dream come true to me every day.


Z: What do you think the secret is of maintaining a creative side to yourself?
ET: Pulling inspiration from life, try put how you see/feel the world into your craft. I'm inspired by people who I meet, nature, music, surfing etc. Give yourself time to explore things that stimulate you.


ZB: What Inspires You? 
Old movies hit different. & people who do things differently, they inspire me to think bigger


ZB: Who is the one brand/Individual/event that would be your dream to work with/for?

ET: I'm really inspired by Jacob Elordi, would love to work with him. I've always said. Calvin Klein would be fun to work with!

ZB: And Finally.. you get to have dinner with ANY 3 people in the world past or present fiction or nonfiction who you taking? 
ET: Jimi Hendrix, James Deane Madonna ;)



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